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1/9 Walking Dead Marine Corps Veteran Association


Active duty Marines endure an incredible amount of hardships during their time in service. The daily support they get from their brothers in arms enables them to overcome and accomplish the mission.


The transition from active duty to the civilian life isn't always a smooth transition. The daily support you have just feet away is now spread across the country. Most lose regular contact and life begins to get unexpectedly complicated compared to the regimen learned over an enlistment. Occurrences of depression, substance abuse, and suicide is a growing epidemic affecting veterans of every generation.


Our goal is to use the latest technology to create a strong support network for 1/9 veterans. A team of unit vets are collaborating to create a way for members to visualize this national support network, create local and regional teams, promote engagement in the community, and develop a tool to for vets to request and intervene for help when they need it the most.


We hope this pilot project is successful and plan to share the concept with all veteran units to overcome this epidemic.

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us!

The Wounded Warrior Project provides free programs and services for wounded veterans.

The Fisher House Foundation provides military families a place to live close to a loved one during hospitalization for an injury, illness, or disease.

Children International provides a safe place, team support, and a path our of poverty by sponsorship. They help impact kids around the world.

Matt Valenzuela

The most influential five years of my life was in the Marine Corps Infantry. I attribute my work ethic, dedication, attention to detail, values, and thirst for self improvement to my time there. The Marines of First Battalion Ninth Marines forever changed my path and the impact I want to have on the world.


I've spent ten years in the Geographic Information Science field working for local government agencies. My work in this field required me to take abstract information and present it in an easy way for people to understand.

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